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LabVantage Medical Suite meets the complex requirements of a modern genetic or molecular laboratory. It provides a user-friendly, efficient, and flexible solution for complete workflow, pre-analytical phase, testing phase, data management and diagnostic work.

Using the LIS, geneticists and laboratory personnel can quickly and easily reach relevant information for the case or patient, order new tests, add longer texts (pre-defined or manually added), add result and observations. The system is designed to support complex workflows that can be automated and pre-defined. Users can also manually add steps and tests when needed. The system supports inquiries (Probands/Familial investigations), due dates, alerts and multiple approval steps.

All objects registered in the system are status handled and identified with a unique ID. The system supports label printing so that the object ID can be scanned using a bar code reader at any step of the laboratory process to achieve maximal patient safety. The system supports full traceability of all performed activities and links related samples (i.e., family members). LabVantage Medical Suite contains advanced tools for planning, follow up and statistics to be used for clinical or production follow up, production planning, turn-around-times and clinical statistics.

LabVantage Medical Suite supports multidisciplinary work; a genetic laboratory can be a subcontractor to a pathology laboratory and handle tests ordered directly from the pathology module within the LIS.

In addition to the advanced workflow management capabilities, LabVantage Medical Suite offers embedded storage management. This includes functionality to create storage units, register an object that is added into a storage unit (manually or automatically) and advanced tools for finding items in the storage based on specific data or results.

LabVantage offers seamless integration with laboratory instruments, robotic sub-systems and EMR/EPR, enabling highly automated laboratory operations. LabVantage supports methods and workflows to give full management and supervision of the entire laboratory process, from incoming request to answer, and report back to the clinicians.