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One Laboratory Information System (LIS) for All Medical Lab Disciplines

Meet LabVantage Medical Suite

LabVantage Medical Suite is a proven Laboratory Information System (LIS) that seamlessly integrates all medical laboratory disciplines in a single, easy-to-use platform. It streamlines laboratory operations, automates routine tasks and processes, and reduces errors and overall costs.

Why LabVantage Medical Suite?

Learn About Our Technology
  • IntegratedOne solution for diagnostics, microbiology, pathology, blood bank, genetics/molecular, and veterinary
  • InnovativeSupported by a decade of continuous product development and innovation
  • ModernMost modern LIS platform on the market
  • ProvenProven in more than 50 hospital and healthcare settings
  • ScalableModular design scalable to any size operation
  • EfficientAdvanced workflow management capabilities for increased efficiency
  • ConfigurableConfigurable level of process automation
  • SecureSafeguards and alerts to improve patient safety and reduce errors
  • AccurateAccuracy and quality control monitoring