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LabVantage Medical Suite manages operations in all testing areas of diagnostic labs, where efficiency, testing accuracy and quality control are of utmost importance.

It’s ideal for chemistry, hematology, coagulation, virology, urinalysis, and more.

To facilitate efficient laboratory testing and maximize speed and overall performance, LabVantage Medical Suite supports LEAN workflow. With the built-in workflow rules engine, you can automate routine tasks and incorporate your desired level of process automation.

LabVantage Medical Suite offers seamless integration with laboratory instruments, robotic sub-systems and EMR/EPR, which enables highly automated laboratory operations and full management and supervision of the entire laboratory process.

Support for Interfacing and Automation

With LabVantage Medical Suite, you can optimize laboratory efficiency while still maximizing safety. Configurable safeguards and automatic alerts ensure that higher testing volumes and workflow pressures will not increase testing errors or affect patient safety.

Every test performed can be monitored for accuracy and quality control, preventing costly patient safety errors and identifying problems before reporting out results. Through effective quality and process management, as well as support for interfacing and automation, LabVantage Medical Suite helps guarantee quality results and ensures these results are delivered in a timely manner to support informed patient care.